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Are you ready to elevate your dance to the next level?
Look no further!

Valerick is ready to help you achieve your dance goals through her private training tailored just for you. 

Why Choose Private Dance Classes?

  • Personalized Attention:

Get one-on-one guidance from an award-winning dancer with encouraging feedback.

  • ​​Flexible Schedule:

Arrange classes at your convenience, fitting into your busy lifestyle.​

  • Customized Curriculum:

Bring out the best of your dance with a customized plan.

Dance to Success:
Coaching for Every Aspiring Dancer.

What areas
can be addressed in your private classes? 

  • Fundamental Techniques:

Focus on mastering fundamental dance techniques.

  • Personalized Choreography:

Create customized dance routines that suit the individual's style, preferences, and any specific occasions.

  • Preparation for Events or Competitions:

Prepare for specific events, performances, or dance competitions.

  • Showmanship:

Focus on developing confidence and a strong stage presence.

  • Musicality and Timing:

Develop a strong sense of musicality, timing, and rhythm to dance in sync with different types of music.

  • Creative Confidence:

Work on expressing emotions and storytelling through dance, enhancing the overall artistic expression.

  • Props Incorporation:

Develop your prop technique and enrich your dance repertoire. 

  • Overcoming Challenges:

Address specific challenges or areas where the dancer may be struggling, and develop strategies to overcome them.

It’s time to unlock your dance potential and elevate your artistry with expert guidance.

Private Classes Packages:

  • 4 classes for $340.00

(Payment can be split in two of $170)

  • 8 classes for $560.00

(Payment can be split in two of $270)


“I recently had a private coaching lesson with Valerick to discuss my goals and vision as a dancer. I’ve recently had a lot of confusion about my path, my goals and how to develop a training plan to go where I want to go. Valerick is premium dance coach material. Apart from being a very talented and complete artist, she is an excellent teacher who is genuinely excited to see other artists thrive and grow. If you feel stuck in your dance, or are unsure of what the next step is and how to get there, coaching sessions with Valericl are an absolute must. You’ll get very practical advice that will inspire and reinvigorate you.”


Elsa Figueroa, Puerto Rico

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