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Valerick Molinary

Hi, my name is Valerick Molinary and I’m an award winning bellydancer living in Miami. For more than 20 years I have trained with the best Middle Eastern dance artists. I've traveled the four continents teaching, performing and sharing my passion.

In my website, I will share all upcoming events, classes and professional collaborations. Here you will also have access to all my social channels, where you can follow my day to day activities and live talks.

Hope we can connect through the journey of movement, sound, and soul.

The Soloist Experience

Work your craft, explore with your creativity, train smart and keep yourself motivated and inspired.


With my monthly schedule of classes dancers will have the opportunity to work with their improvisation+musicality, technique, creativity and performing skills.


Being a soloist and working with my dance individually has helped me to connect deeply with my soul and my body.

Testimonials Vale2.png
Alex Sinkover

“I dance because it makes me feel good about myself to do something I am in control of, can constantly improve upon, and that I am good at. I dance because it is meditative and mindful to only think about the moment I am in; encompassed by the sounds, the instructor, the feeling of the music, the muscle coordination, the strain, the counting, the space, the breathing, and most of the time the joy (but sometimes the frustration). I dance because I am a dancer.”

Testimonials Vale2 (1).png
Jackie Bowles

“In the beginning and until recently dance was my passion. The music spoke to me, it touched my soul. It allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn't or was afraid to do in my daily life. Now I don't have time, so dance has become my therapy. It sustains me, keeps me sane. Work has become so stressful and overwhelming. Dancing gives me the chance to be free, to feel joy, to clear my mind of work. “

Private Classes with Valerick

I love to teach private classes. I strongly believe that a customize training can help you achieve your dance goals more effectively. Beginner and advanced students can benefit tremendously with private training. I like to guide my students and keep them inspire and motivated.


How does it work?


First we need to talk. I'll love to know more about you and set some goals together. That way, I can prepare the classes according to the needs of the student. Then we just pick the days and times that work for both of us and we are ready to take off. 


Are you in? 


Send me an email and let's schedule a call and make it happen. 


Contact Me

Valerick Molinary

Based in Miami, Florida

Tel: 787-604-5294


Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.

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